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Slide background EVP BD & Digital Strategy, China Senior Manager, Special Projects, Hong Kong Director, Sales & Marketing, Shenzhen, China MSc Internet Computing, England, UK PMP® & PRINCE2® Download Résumé Slider Image
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Business Development & Strategic Digital Marketing Consultant

MSc Internet Computing, BA (hons) Theatre & Music Technology, PMP® & PRINCE2® certified, expert in business development, project management and strategic marketing, I have international, commercial management & leadership experience. I love discovering new and exciting projects, as well as improving on-going ones.

Interested to meet me?

Currently based between Koh Samui and Bangkok, Thailand, I invite you to contact me and I look forward to meeting you!


I take great pleasure in deeply understanding the goals of myself and others, then communicating those goals out to a wider audience in creative ways.


An experienced leader, manager and team player, early on I learned that true success comes from the people we choose to surround ourselves with.


I am eternally grateful for the creative energy that flows through me. I have been part of the creation of some exciting products, services and activities.

My Principle-Centered Life - A Personal Mission Statement

Project Portfolio

Discover some of the larger projects I have completed in recent years. Products, services and events in multiple locations. Learn more...

Residency History

I have been lucky enough to live in some beautiful and interesting places during my career. I've worked with people from Asian and Western cultures and enjoy the diversity. Read more...

LinkedIn Profile

I welcome you to visit my profile and add me to your professional network. You will also find me on your favourite social platforms.

Latest Role: Relational Database Management Platform - Project Leader - PRRPSS

PRRPSS is both a culmination of my entire life's work thus far, and a brand new and exciting Enterprise Resource Planning system on the blockchain. I am responsible for overall vision and strategy, project deliverables, fund-raising, communication, client & investor relations and strategic alliances.

English & 中文

I was born and raised in England to English and Irish parents. Living in China since 2007, I am fluent in spoken Mandarin Chinese.

Tech Confidence

With a Masters Degree in Internet Computing, I am confident in most major software programs, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, photo editing, script editing and video production.

Leisure Time

I enjoy cycling, swimming, yoga, meditation and walking on a regular basis. I enjoy learning about nutrition, health & wellness. I'm a huge fan of Audible - Kindle for your ears! See also: 'MY PERFECT DAY'

Finance Savvy

I have studied macro and micro economics and principles of finance, applied primarily to cloud finance and e-commerce solutions. I am an avid supporter of crypto-currencies and blockchain technology.

Big Data

I enjoy using analytics systems to gain information about my on-line systems. I have generated well over 6 million pageviews so far. I deliver regular key progress reports to all stakeholders in my projects.

Social Visibility

I maintain a network of over 20,000 connections in multiple fields, across various communications platforms. I leverage technology to maximise effectiveness.

Data Modelling

I take a database-driven 'chunking' approach to challenges, in order to turn large problems in to bite-size actions and - ultimately - automate as much as possible.

Lifelong Learner

I am passionate about education and love the chance to learn new skills, or share my experience with others wherever possible. I subscribe to and regularly complete Coursera courses on various subjects. I am a Project Management Professional (PMP©) See also: 'INSPIRATION'

Sustainable Existence

Anytime I have a choice, I chose the path of minimal impact on myself and those around me, in order to minimise our affect on the planet and therefore extend the amount of time generations after us will have to enjoy it. See also: 'MISSION'

My YouTube Channel

Tools, Software, & Partners

It is thanks to some incredible tech companies, software providers and SaaS organisations, that I am able to be as effective as I am.

You will recognise many, I'm sure, and may even see some you don't recognise.

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