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"You Are A Badass At Making Money" by Jen Sincero

'Universal Intelligence' - an Excerpt

The Sum of the Parts of I

Outgoing Thoughts

If you have a desire to make $50,000, that money and the way for you to make it already exist, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to think it up in the first place, because the thought of the money and the money itself are the same stuff.

This concept is a 3987-page book with a prayer mat and a bucket of ayahuasca thrown in, but for the sake of our work here, this is the ‘gist’ of how universal intelligence works:

Your thoughts dictate the truth, so if you’re presently living in your mother’s basement, working at the Chicken Shack down the road for $7.95 / hr, and you fixate your thoughts, with unwavering determination on owning your own 200 acre chicken farm and a cadillac, that chicken farm and sweet ride are your truth. Your thoughts alert universal intelligence to start arranging the energy in such a way as to make your desires manifest in physical form.

You need to learn how to see and receive the new opportunities that will lead you to your goal (which we will go into more deeply later).

Your thoughts also trigger your emotions, which get you off your ass to take action, and your reality begins to shift. This is how people in wheelchairs climb mountains and those who grow up in extreme poverty become rich. They consider their thoughts to be the truth, regardless of how their ‘reality’ may appear, get all worked up into an excited tizzy about it, and make it happen. They use the power that all of us have to create what they desire, instead of settling for what they see surrounding them. “Opportunity is in the Eye of the Beholder”

Mastering the mindset of wealth is choosing to think about money and your reality in relation to money in a way that will make you rich, not keep you poor. When you consciously focus your thoughts on the wealth you desire, imagine yourself rolling around on a big ‘ole leaf pile of ‘Benjamins’, feel how right and good and exciting it feels to be in the financial flow, you arrange the energy around you and within you to vibrate at a high frequency and as a result, your reality mirrors back to you high-frequency opportunities and things. You can feel this energy, it literally lifts your spirits and pulls into your radar all the high-frequency opportunities and things you shut yourself off from, when you’re all lo-vibe and sad-sackie about your whimpy bank account, your lack of job options, your botched attempt at trying to get a raise, etc.

Meanwhile, thinking about how amazing it’s going to feel paying off your $15,000 USD Credit Card Debt, telling yourself “I’m so grateful this card is paid off in full, I can hardly stand it” over and over, writing out an actual cheque for the precise amount to pay it off and looking at it every day, all of these thoughts arrange the energy around you to vibrate at a higher frequency and to take the physical form of that which you’re focussed on: $15,000

These positive thoughts release your resistance to having the money come in: you’re on board, you’re believing it, you’re feelin’ it, you’re loving’ it! Once resistance is gone, you’re back into your natural state of flow, there’s no doubt and fear cluttering up your energy, and the universe can deliver you the riches you desire.

Incoming Thoughts

The universe is constantly showing up - cup of coffee in hand - wanting to discuss how to increase your finances and offer a helping hand. It connects with you:

  • via your intuition: “I just know in my gut that I should buy this house, ever though it costs way more than what I wanted to spend: it still ‘feels’ right”.
  • via synchronicity: “I wonder what ever happened to Janet from cooking class. Oh look! There she is, calling me, right now!”
  • via inspiration: “check out this awesome idea for a song that just popped into my head from out of nowhere“
  • via desire: “I just know I’m meant to be rich, even though none of my screenplays have sold yet.”
  • via coincidence: “i just opened a book to the perfect page - it’s exactly what I need to read”

If you are truly committed to kicking ass, you’ll want to strengthen your relationship with the universe in the following ways:

  1. Learn to quiet your mind and receive the information it’s trying to send you
  2. Trust that this information (aka your intuition) provides all the answers you’re seeking, no matter how terrifying, bananas, unacceptable they may seem
  3. Surrender and have faith that when you bravely head into the unknown that the universe has your back.
  4. Accept that you don’t have to know how to do what you don’t know how to do yet and that the universe will lead the way.

We all have the ability, through our thoughts to harness the power of the universe. If that doesn’t have you heading out to purchase a super-hero cape and tights, I don’t know what else I can say.

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