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How to share a map marker in Chinese, using WeChat (2017, China)

I wrote this article when someone in a group I'm in was trying to explain where the 深圳人民医院 (Shenzhen People's Hospital) is. I hope this walk-through guide helps you communicate better:

  1. In the chat you wish to share a location with (one-to-one chat or group chat) select '(+)' to the right of the text input box
  2. Of all the things we can share, today we are sharing a Location
  3. For a static location, select 'Send Location'
  4. This may be a feature for iOS devices, but I love it. Super fast typing!
  5. More often than not, the first search result is the correct one. If you're not sure, just pick the first one anyway!
  6. If you know your way around a map, you can confirm here that the location is correct, zoom in and even select a different location nearby (this is useful to select a particular road junction, or a certain entrance, for example). Click the tick to send!

Last Updated: 2017-06-28


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