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London, England 英国伦敦

The Next Chapter - A General Update for Friends & Family (2018, London, U.K.) - 我生活的下一步(英国伦敦2018年)


May 1st 2018 I will return to England for at least 6 months - 我五月一日要回英国最少半年

I am writing this blog post in order to fully share with anyone interested in what I am up to at this moment in time...


Having lived in South China from 2007 until today (2018), I can honestly say I have had the most amazing 11 years. I have learned and grown, stalled and stumbled, I have loved and lost, I have laughed and cried. I wouldn't change any of it for the World.

我在中国11年了,然后这个时间对我来说是特别好。 我学了很多,自己发展很多,也遇到很多困难的地方,很多问题。 我有爱过,我有心痛过,我笑了,我哭了。 我对这个经验非常感谢,我每个地方都会很感恩。

All that being said, the last few years have been a time for great change for me. I have developed and refined my own personal Mission Statement (an on-going work in progress), switched to a vegan lifestyle, started and stopped exercising, listened to some amazing, life-changing audiobooks, discovered the magic of blockchain technology and grown significantly as a person.

那么,这几年以内让我改变很多。 我写了我的个人目标 (我一直会更新!), 变成吃素, 开始健身,又停止健身(哎呀!),听非常非常厉害的书,找到比特币技术,和自己发展很多。

These drastic changes have lead me to return once again to the question to which the answer has always alluded me: "What do I really want?"


What Do I Want? 我需要什么?

It is at this moment in my life, I can say that I want:


  1. A clean a safe environment to live in - 很安全,很干净的环境
  2. My family close-by - 离我的家人更近
  3. A business network that I can trust and grow exciting new opportunities in - 一个我可以信赖并能带来令人兴奋的新机遇的商业网络。
  4. A solid income from multiple streams to maintain a humble, yet fortunate and comfortable life - 固定收入,和固定收益型基金。我不需要很多,就找安全感,有一点点儿舒服就够了
  5. The chance to perform music on a regular basis 有机会经常给别人听我唱歌,弹吉他,谈音乐
  6. The time, energy and inclination to exercise daily 每天去运动
  7. The focus and determination to read my mission and meditate daily 每天打坐
  8. The chance to impact the lives of millions of people by improving their daily lives at work and at home (more on that coming soon...) - 有机会帮很多人把自己的生活变成更幸福,跟舒服
  9. Easy and fantastic vegan food choices wherever I go - 现在英国的全素材VEGAN越来越多。我特别期待回去我老家试试(我是吃货哈哈哈哈)
  10. Both male and female friends with whom I can grow healthy and lasting relationships with - 我要找更多男人和女人的关系,那种很健康的,长时间的那种很好的朋友
  11. The chance to travel the world - 有机会去旅游
  12. A way to use and maintain my Mandarin Chinese language skills - 可以继续用中文
  13. Time to develop new skills - 有时间去学新的技能
  14. A way to share my knowledge and experience with others - 可以把我的经验和见识分给大家

As of 2018-05-01 I will once again be a full-time resident of England, located in the Hertfordshire countryside, in order to achieve most (if not all) of my wish list items.


I plan to launch version 3 of a relational data management system that will change the lives of millions.


I will live the clean, lean, healthy life I have always dreamed about (a significantly reduced social circle and a return to a non-24-hour city will help there), including continuing with my discovery of amazing plant-based whole foods, personal development through writing, introspection, meditation, exercise and public speaking.

我会做很安静的,很干净的,很安全,很健康的生活。 我老家那边所有的地方都是很早关门了, 没有很多朋友陪我去玩儿,早睡,早起来嘛! 我要继续自学,打坐,运动,吃很健康的青菜,等等

Frequently Asked Questions 常问的问题

Q: Why May 1st?

My sister Laura will be married in London on 2018-05-05, so I will be back in London for that. I decided to extend my stay :)



Q: What About Your Current Work?

I am an independant contractor with a business registered in Hong Kong. My current role with Peter and the guys at Atlas Furniture Asia was always due to end at the end of April, it just so happened to coincide with my next trip back to the U.K.


回答:我是独立顾问,自己开了香港公司。 我现在的项目一直安排的事四月底结束了。就是那么巧跟我下次回英国的要求那么合适!

Q: What Made You Decide To Extend The Trip?

A: A few things really...

  • A recent funeral of a beloved uncle made me realise that I haven't been present enough in the lives of my immediate family
  • When I was booking my flight for the wedding using air-miles, I discovered that I only had sufficient points for a one-way trip (I took that as a sign).
  • I love, love, love London in the summertime - it's really one of the best places in the World. Lots of photos coming!
  • I can feel an ever-increasing pressure on life here in China (despite it feeling safe, there is a deep cultural undertone to life here that I will never find peace with)
  • Due to the nature of the life and work I want now, I believe that the next stage in my career will begin in London.



  • 最近我舅舅去世了,我回去看我所有的家人那么心痛,让我感觉我应该可以孝顺多一点才对
  • 我定飞机票的话,我用那些会员积分,但是我只能买单独的票,我买回来的票的会员分不够,所以觉得这个也是世界想告诉我一个事情!
  • 我超级爱英国伦敦,夏天的时候。 我发誓,它是一个世界上最美的时间,最美的地方。 我会拍很多照片给大家看!
  • 我在中国感觉很安全,但是对我最近个人发展的做法来算,有太多地方不合理,所以我感觉心灵会有一点儿累。 我回我老家重新洗脑中就好了,哈哈哈哈
  • 按照我的工作发展的目标,和我个人生活的要求,我感觉伦敦是我要先去的地方

Q: What Will You Do?

I have been developing a relational database management system for many years. Whilst the working prototypes are operational and adding value, they are not stable and scalable. I believe I now have a methodology and a way to fund the launch of the next phase of the system. I believe that by employing a network of sales partners and business engineers, not only can my system improve businesses in every industry, but it can help to improve lives and generate passive incomes for many.


回答:我很多年自己开发一个电子管理系统。 我已经有几家客户在用,但是我感觉不够稳定,也不够延展。 我只带我要怎么做,去开始做,开始赚投资的钱,找客户,找销售合作版。 我的目标就是1:让所有的行业变成跟厉害;2:给大家多一点儿自己的时间 :)

Q: How Can We Keep In Contact?

As always, the best way to reach me is via any contact method listed here on I also intend to continue using WeChat.



Q: What Hobbies Will You Be Focussing On?

My Top 3 at the moment are music, plant-based whole foods and caring for the mind, body and spirit. I have spent many years studying all three. Now I will become a serious practitioner.


回答:1)应约; 2)全素材; 3)照顾好自己的身体,脑子和精神。我花了时间去学这些不少,现在要开始做!

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