Mark Clulow

  • Connection
  • Articulation
  • Delivery


I generally find it easy to put my thoughts (or the thoughts of others) into words. I am a confident conversationalist and public speaker.

My background in both the Art and Science fields (MSc & BA) makes me a more unique team member in that I am creative and thoughtful, whilst being able to handle enterprise-level datasets and business systems.

My love for language enables me to help communicate my thoughts and the thoughts of those around me in to a fun and easy-to-understand format that always yields results. I embrace technology and the many ways in which it has brought immense power to a communicator such as myself. Social media, corporate-level mailing lists and other web-based content delivery systems only place more power at my fingertips with which to reach my audiences.

I believe that - in keeping with my core vaues - I can have an affect on the World to make it a better place than I found it.

  • Network
  • Reciprocity
  • Association


I have faith in the links between all things. I do not believe in coincidences but that every action creates a reaction of sorts. I see myself as one of the primary connectors in my network and - as such - identify with other connectors when I meet them. These have included members of businesses, government, public associations, universities and schools and the local community.

I enjoy the way in which everything has a delicate and poetically perfect relationship to everything else, as long as we are prepared to look for the links. Taking such an approach to new challenges, new friends and each new day gives me power and energy to make the very most of each opportunity as it presents itself.

  • Attention
  • Logic
  • Understanding


I am fascinated by ideas. I am able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. This excitement is further amplified when working with others.

Similar to 'connectedness' earlier, ideation has really become a force in my life in moments of creativity, be it in writing music or performing an impromptu piece, be it in web design or even new product development, it is always more exciting and rewarding in the company of others.

In such environments, my own ideas and thoughts can be taken, morphed and built upon to make something even more amazing than what I had even imagined myself!

  • Charm
  • Cultivate
  • Magnetism


I love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. I derive great satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person.

At many stages in my career - both as a sales professional, as a team leader and as a representative of my efforts in various settings from Government engagements to start-up mash-ups, I naturally find comfortable ways to connect with people and enjoy learning about what makes them tick.

I believe I can maintain a nice balance between listening and absorbing what people kindly share with me with sharing fun (and often completely useless) facts about myself, to make the interraction fun and memorable.

  • Healthful
  • Corrective
  • Stimulating


I am adept at dealing with problems. I enjoy figuring out what is wrong and resolving it. I also enjoy a discovery in the later years of life, that the perfect fix may well be to leave something alone for a time. Having the strength of character to ask questions, observe and listen, and then take action, even if that action is to take no action at all - to ensure an improvement, or - at the very least - a reduction in deteriation.

I believe my core values help me to apply a healthful and stimulating energy to problems, as well as the confidence to stimulate those around me to desire betterment when it is the right course, results in a fun and enjoyable approach to the many challenges that we encounter on a daily basis.


Tools, Software, & Partners

It is thanks to some incredible tech companies, software providers and SaaS organisations, that I am able to be as effective as I am.

You will recognise many, I'm sure, and may even see some you don't recognise.

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