Mark Clulow

Business Development
Web Development
Product Development
International Contract
Global Business Development
Enterprise Data Management System
Cloud-based Real-time Analytics
Control Systems Component
Tooling and Product Engineering
International Medical Trade Show
Design, Planning & Execution
Building an International Community
Wrist-mounted Camera
New Product Development
Industrial Campus Grand Opening
Internal and External Communications
Sales Configurator
Complex Sales Pipeline Made Simple Through Technology
International Outdoor Industry Trade Show
Bi-Annual Retail Event
International Medical Trade Show
On-time, on-budget results
Corporate Wikipedia Presence
Adherence to Strict Guidelines
Global Business Development Team
Source, Hire, Train and Launch
Executive Recruitment Website
Connecting China to the Rest of the World
New Factory Relocation
Zhuhai Free Trade Zone
Hong Kong Electronics Fair
The World Stage
K Show - The World's #1
Tooling & Plastics Industry Trade Show