Mark Clulow

International Sales & Distribution Negotiations

When the company announced it's plan to launch an International Sales plan, I was tasked with playing a key role in core business negotiations over multiple meetings in order to guarantee clear communication, minimal errors and a clear delivery of desired results for all parties.

I assisted in setting up key meetings - often with minimal preparation time - recording and making notes in order to keep a solid record of proceedings, and then following up with clear and concise reports for those that needed to remain notified.

I was seen as professional, honest and extremely diligent in my communication. My attitude of passionately seeking a good fit for all those involved always makes the meetings all the more enjoyable!

  • Project Management, Vendor Management, Mandarin Chinese
  • 2 months
  • Business Development

"It's a huge relief having you here. You captured all of the important aspects of the business in all of the major territories and your understanding of the different cultures involved is priceless."
Owner of Client Company

Tools, Software, & Partners

It is thanks to some incredible tech companies, software providers and SaaS organisations, that I am able to be as effective as I am.

You will recognise many, I'm sure, and may even see some you don't recognise.

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