Mark Clulow

Company Relocation

Rapid growth resulted in the need for a past employer to relocate their global headquarters to a new location inside the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, carrying with it both huge advantages and complications.

I was responsible for leading the implementation of a new high-speed wireless network throughout the new facility, including installing network points on multiple levels throughout the building. Meticulous network planning and design enabled a durable, scalable solution.

Additionally I led the planning of the factory layout and design, as well as implementing emergency procedures and producing imagery for press releases and marketing events relating to the move.

  • Planning, Project Management, Vendor Management
  • 6 months
  • Business Development

"(Mark is) An overall great asset to the team, Marketing, Media or IT - which goes a long ways working in China where you need a bit of everything to make anything work."
President, Weiguo Solutions LLC.