Mark Clulow

My Principle-Centered Life

I take a long-term, principle-centered view of my life - a life that I believe is a unique, heavenly gift.

Being alive and present in this moment as if it were my last, I make a conscious effort to act in the best interests of the many generations that will treasure life, long after I am gone.

I am ever-aware of my affect on the universe, always seeking to maximize an output of love and light and to minimize waste, therefore always adding the greatest value to the innumerable stakeholders in my life.

I vow to protect life - to never knowingly kill another living creature - including the indirect death of a living creature by choosing to eat meat when a vegetarian alternative is available.

I maintain good posture and a healthy figure, grateful for the temple that is my body.

I am mindful of what I put into my body, giving myself the best sounds, the best thoughts and the best sustenance in order to maintain and grow my life-energy, my focus and my higher purpose.

I am loyal, trustworthy, understanding and forgiving of others' shortcomings. I respect all living creatures and treat them as I expect to be treated myself - with unconditional love.

I am disciplined to live the life I have chosen for myself - responsible for my successes and accountable for my failures.

Honesty, honor, integrity and maturity help me to maintain a character of which I am proud. I am thankful for the wisdom and guidance to learn from - and continue to reduce - my weaknesses. I am a function of my values.

Do what I need to do, when I need to do it, whether I want to do it, or not

Brian Tracy

I live by the mantra "Do what I need to do, when I need to do it, whether I want to do it, or not" for an excellence-focussed, high-energy, results-driven existence.

I organize and execute around priorities, spending my time only on that which is important. I spend one complete day per week in which to give thanks and reflect on my progress.

I attribute my good fortune to daily meditation and reflection, allowing myself the precious time to connect with an energy greater than myself, to ensure that my roles and goals are still congruent with the life I choose for myself.

I avoid financial debt and apply the laws of finance to always work towards financial freedom. I enjoy saving and watching my money grow.

My passions are travel, food (both creation and consumption), charity, daily exercise and music - engaging in each activity results in my higher ability to spread love and health to myself and to those around me.

Son, brother, spouse, grandson, uncle, cousin, nephew, colleague, leader, friend and community member, I cherish the multitude of roles in my life and the opportunity to operate each one in a unique way to best serve those around me, be they physically near or far from me. I am loyal to those who are not present.

I balance mutual respect, courage and consideration- upheld by my true faith in abundance - in order to achieve win-win solutions - only truly succeeding when both parties reach the best solution to a shared problem - or by walking away knowing that by living and acting on my values, I can only ever make the right decision.

I truly thank you for giving your time to read my mission. I welcome the opportunity to enjoy your personal mission statement, should you ever choose to share it with me.

Last Updated: 2015-10-24


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