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Stop Giving It Any More Energy, Immeditely

As the newest nong-sense STUPID-19 variant splutters into action, spreading faster in to the hearts and minds of fearful humans (as best it can as an airborn flu), I feel a strong sense of awakening amongst people, as they cotton-on to what's going on in the world around us.

In response to a lot of (partivcularly small) businesses around me adding fuel to the COVID fire by constantly reminding us all about it, consider this quote, then apply it to your own thoughts and attention:

"What We Give Our Attention To, Grows"

Management & Leadership Principles Expert, Kenneth H. Blanchard

Anyone Banging On About COVID Needs to STFU or Leave

OK, we all get it now. You make us scared of something and we do what we're told and spend all our money (either before or after taxes, depending on how much and over how many transactions), on snake-oil, in the hopes that we won't have to work so hard at looking after ourselves.

But why would I give any more time and attention to this bonkers madness than I need to? I ask them same of business owners everywhere and beg you to de-STUPID-19 as much as you can, NOW.

Work with your staff to eradicate any reference to the word 'COVID-19' or 'COVID'. Even when someone says "due to COVID", why not say "due to the situation" or "in order to better protect everyone"* There's rarely any need to specifically mention one particular virus, disease or scam. Let's focus on the results we want.

* It has to present true and real-world quantifyable protection gains, not just the "believe me, it's for your own protection" madness.

In the process of what I refer to only as 'The Situation', many learned important lessons, such as:

  • "Go big, or go home." or as Yoda said: "Do or do not - there is no 'try'". If you're going to be a COVIDiot, make your staff all wear surgical gloves that they change every hour or when discoloured. provide sterilisation boxes for ANYTHING A guest may touch. Sterilise handles, knobs and buttons AFTER EVERY USE. Create the 0.1% super-bug. Or just chill out and let us get on with it.
  • "Temperature Checkers are OK in the right place" - put them in the toilet. If a guest feels hot, they will most-likely go there or directly home, first. Not in my face, the second I step into your store.
  • "All Employees Must Wash Their Hands" - absolutely nothing wrong with this. Please wash your hands regularly and effectively, ideally with warm water & anti-bacterial soap.
  • "Cover your mouth when coughing, or displaying flu-like symptoms" - duuuuuh. Under these circumstances, NOW is the time to drink a glass of room-temp. water and wear a mask. It's there for YOU to protect US, thank you.
  • "Taking out the trash isn't so bad when I wear a mask" (a.k.a. there are senisble times to protect yourself from air-born particles, particularly larger ones).
  • "I wear a mask on my bike, when I wear an open-faced helmet" (a.k.a. there are senisble times to protect yourself from air-born particles, particularly larger ones).
  • "Needing tests and proof of vaccination to travel, highlights issues with the Pirate Landways, Waterways & Airways Management System" - it's all too easy for these thugs to ground us. How do we unpick that madness?
Yeah, like that's gonna fix it. Damn globalists.

Quick Tips

Here are some broader topics that I find help to reduce the spread of STUPID-19:

Mainstream Media

TURN IT OFF, NOW. I did this 20 years ago and haven't regretted it once. Get this vile evil out of your life forever.

Regardless of through which device spells are being broadly casted, be aware of who is putting the message into your head. Protect your mind at all costs!


Notice how many times in a day you are challenged, or asked to provide something (information, proof, etc.) in a given day and start to push back. It might be something as simple as telling the Barrista that your name is 'Tom' instead of 'Paul', or start using a made-up email address and phone nu ber when stores 'insist' that you fill in your personal details forms.

Health, not COVID

OK, so we know many of the 'anti-social distancing' measures make sense. Humans are just as grubby as all the other organic birds & beasts, with whom we are priviliged to share our home. Let's use the positives and encourage more active attention towards health and cleanliness without being ridiculous.


You are an active participant in so much of the suffering and pain by NOT opting-out. Ask yourself: Why do you CHOOSE to remain on the electorate register? (If you can only think of 'Statist' responses, please click here) Why do you choose to pay taxes? Why do you vote for the people you vote for? Why does your grocery store need your phone numbner and email address?

Request Your Data

Many of the bigger tech companies give you the option to request what data is being held on you. REQUEST IT. STUDY IT. Then delete it and turn off their ability to do that to you again.

Local Community

Now that DARPA's Medusa-like tentacles are no longer spewing into your life, it's time to go outside and connect with those you choose to live near to. What issues are REALLY affecting them? What can be done to make life HERE, better? (NOTE: Be gentle, as they are still plugged in. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" >> "To err is human. To forgive is divine.")

Track Progress

Personally measure your health and well-being. The metrics are up to you, but I like: bodyweight, sleep quality, work/life balance, achieving long-term goals...

Lifelong Learner

Don't stop learning and asking questions. Soak up as many different views as you can and converse with people who disagree with you - they are the ones who help you to really grow.

Feed Yourselves

Understand our deep and ancient relationship with soil and everything that can grow in it, in seeming abundance. Share your harvest and be grateful.

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