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Full-time Employers

I learned early-on that to be successful it is vital to view an employer like a client. If the client is unsatisfied, no subsequent work follows. I am responsible for my clients' complete satisfaction.

Pulse Marketing of Bishop's Stortford Ltd.

During my time with Pulse I had the chance to work one-on-one with their visionary founder Mike Beatty on various aspects of the business, from setting up accounting and financial systems to designing and running marketing campaigns to launch new products into the UK market. Learning about the exciting world of sales, marketing and distribution - primarily in the high-end cinema industry - I learned the value of clear, scalable communication, the power of strong press relations and the need for full-service distribution channels in order to deliver world-class service.

Mike still recalls our time working together with great fondness and I still regard him as one of my best friends. He is an energetic, passionate father, leader, friend, son, brother and community member who's approach to life, family, business and the betterment of the World continues to inspire me today.

I rejoined Pulse again in 2018 to see that this once fledgling company has turned into a multi-million pound, industry-leading business.

Atlas Furniture Asia (HK) Ltd.

Atlas Furniture Asia (HK) Ltd.

Serving in a full-time capacity as the company's General Manager, I reported to MD Mr Peter Brobyn and often worked directly alongside him.

It was a varied role that included helping to rebrand the entire company, establish a strong web presence, coordinate 2 International tradeshows (Vietnam & China), host client visits, translate for all level of meetings and consult on corporate strategy.

During this time I learned a great deal about International trading, product development and International Quality Auditing Systems.

Stage Live Asia - SLA Studios

Stage Live Asia Project Management Ltd (t/a SLA Studios)

Following a recent restructuring and refocusing of core strategy and direction, SLA Studios - widely regarded as South China's premiere video production company - are looking to put powerful, meaningful, enlightening content out in to the World.

I joined the core team, alongside the company's MD and long-time friend Tom Sanderson, Creative Director Max Sanderson, Curator / Producer Jimmy Chen and Senior Editor Uno Shieh in their Guangzhou head office.

Engaging a global network of industry professionals as each project dictates, I assist with digital marketing, big data strategy, business development, front-end account management and systems & procedures.

The move to join SLA reflects the recent changes in my own being to work with those who share core personal values with me or health, wellness, sustainability and the goal of being the change we wish to see in the World.

Cosmosupplylab, Ltd.

Cosmosupplylab are deeply focussed on balancing their split across major accounts in order to maintain their meteoric growth in recent years. Their young and dynamic leadership team is a true inspiration to work for and I am certain that this company will have many more successes in the future.

I joined as a Senior Manager of Business Development reporting to the EVP of Business Development, however after a change in business structure, reported directly to Mr. Jerker Berthou, CEO for the company, on some very exciting projects, including the development of an on-line database-driven system to help collect, gather and process in real time the vast amount of data that comes with running a company of over 7,000 members of staff at their operating peak time.

The system identified multiple key areas in which the business can improve by reducing waste, improving efficiency and ultimately bringing powerful data in beautiful and aesthetics ways in order to better assist executive leadership decision making. By design, it also brought a social element to the company that had been sorely missing since the days of a small, single office operation 10 years ago.

I was also part of special teams tasked with the grand opening of new factory facilities, running all social networking efforts, including driving LinkedIn engagement up exponentially, resulting in a huge reduction in time-to-hire for various international leadership roles within the company.

Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. - 深圳昌红科技股份有限公司

CHT were looking to develop new accounts in the medical and automotive industries in order to sell their high-precision plastic injection tooling and parts. I assembled a small team of excellent young professionals, ran an international tradeshow schedule (visiting Russia, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong and U.S.A.) and developed a complete collection of digital and printed sales & marketing collateral to support the team. I also personally assisted on numerous sales visits of overseas clients.

Major milestones include developing a sales management and CRM system that enabled the fast reporting of sales team performance to upper management. I also published the company's Wikipedia page, ensuring that the data presented was done so in a fair and impartial way so as to be in line with strict publishing requirements on the site.

  • Opened new territories in America, Europe, Russia and Domestic China to a sales value of $1m USD. RFQs in new (target) markets and new (target) territories of over $20m USD. Maintained an overall team expense-to-income ratio of 16%.
  • On-going hiring, coaching and development of top performers and the termination of poor performers through the use of a Sales pipeline, performance data gathering, regular reporting and feedback, followed by necessary action. (15 staff)
  • Established new clients in Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Agricultural Industries within 12 months (on time)
  • Collected budgetary performance data and held monthly department leader meetings to stay on target.
  • Deployed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to generate up-to-the-minute performance measuring and reporting for team members and supervisors. This data also aided in the development of department training programs throughout the year.
  • Design and development of corporate branding guidelines, new website, e-mail, calendar and document management system, corporate group catalog, promotional items, complete social network presence and numerous levels of reporting systems throughout.
  • Directed our presence at, and personally attended 8 international tradeshows, overseeing booking, shipping, design and execution

Weiguo Solutions, LLC

It was through my work in the Zhuhai community that I was lucky enough to meet Bill Reimann and Matt Swisher, who founded Weiguo Solutions many years ago. I worked on all manner of projects, including multi-lingual packaging design, websites for in-house and client purposes, on-line marketing strategy and even assisted in the company relocating to their HQ as it is now in the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone. I assisted with client visits, local community liaison, photography, tradeshow design and management and other general duties to support this small but fast-growing team.

I also assisted in the installation of a brand new I.T. network alongside local and international technology specialists in order to deliver a solution that met stringent cost, time and quality requirements.

United International College (UIC), HKBU / BNU

Through a chance encounter in my early days in China in 2007, I was lucky enough to work as a Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science department of this young International college. After developing a video-based online tutorial course that other teaching assistants rapidly adopted to run their own classes, I was awarded a position as lecturer of IT and began writing course material myself.

Under the lead of Dr. Dave Towey, I found myself at the center of an exciting team in an exciting part of China, with young, energetic students eager to learn more about the science behing internet technologies.

Project Work

Any time I have been either without work or in need of inspiration, I have found many exciting projects to be a part of. These have generally been in small teams and extremely rewarding.

Within a short time in Zhuhai in 2007, it became apparent that the city needed an online forum to help connect the younger members of the English-speaking community, looking to make new friends, find out what is on in town and generally make stronger connections with one another.

I applied y web design and development skills to launch - along with 3 close friends - Abner, Lawrence and Errin - to not only provide this forum, but to also drive regular and exciting content to the site. We photographed events and published the images on the site, we ran events when there was nothing happening and promoted local businesses in the area that we felt were worthy of the attention of the growing community.

As the decline of Facebook in China helped us to get over 4,000,000 page views since 2007, so too did the rise of WeChat in China result in the decline of the site as people preferred to move to smaller chat-based forums. The site still gets thousands of page views per month and still serves as a place for people new to the area or moving there soon to understand how fun and vibrant the city is.

Free Air, Inc.

Although short-lived due to volatile market and management conditions, I learned a lot supporting this North Carolina based bio-tech start-up company, leading their Business Development efforts in Beijing, China.

I directly supported the exclusive China distributor with trade shows, web and print marketing collateral and key client visits across China in order to build the brand and raise awareness of the technology that makes their products so unique.

Additionally I delivered world-class support for visits to China by the U.S. team, as well as brought a friendly foreign face to the Shenzhen based team of developers and engineers, helping them with general day-to-day operations difficulties, as well as more long-term strategic decisions as to how best serve the head office and our clients.


The original website that I helped develop has now been updated, but it was a real pleasure to be part of something as special as EduKid.

Edukid was born out of a youth work trip to Cambodia in 2002. The youth workers realised that parents were going to huge personal risk in order to send their children to school. When they found out how little it costs to enable this, the youth workers returned home and started the charity. Since then Edukid has realised this is a world issue and a key component to tackling poverty. A child that recieves an education in the developing world will live on average 7 years longer. Edukid now helps hundreds of children in Asia, Africa, and The Middle East.

Safe Hands For Mothers

Another website that has since been updated since I developed the site, but an extremely worthy cause that I would like to share with you all the same. I was honoured to develop their website for them back in 2007.

Their mission is to improve maternal and newborn health by harnessing the power of the visual, to advocate for policy change and increase investment in maternal and newborn health. We achieve this through the production of films which are used by our partners at a community, national and international level.


Tools, Software, & Partners

It is thanks to some incredible tech companies, software providers and SaaS organisations, that I am able to be as effective as I am.

You will recognise many, I'm sure, and may even see some you don't recognise.

This site is not a part of any of the brands listed herein or their respective owners. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by them in any way. All rights reserved to respective owners.


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