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How to book home help using WeChat (2017, China)

I hope this walk-through guide helps:

  1. In the main WeChat console, select 'ME' at the bottom
  2. Select 'Home Services'
  3. Select the home cleaning service as shown here
  4. Make a note of the pricing and click the red button to accept
  5. Enter your address in Chinese here (may require a friend to help first time). 2+ time, this is already entered here from before
  6. Select number of hours, pick your time slot and click the red button
  7. If you wish you may select a professional, otherwise you will be automatically assigned an available member of staff
  8. Check all the details.
    First red tick says you will accept someone else if they are busy.
    Second tick adds ¥5 for them to bring their own cleaning equipment
  9. Not sure what this is, so I just ticked it heehee!
    The check box says "Don't bother me with this next time"
  10. Confirm everything and select to pay via WeChat wallet
  11. Complete the payment
  12. Click the red button to finish
  13. Follow order progress right up until the worker arrives to give you a shiny, clean and sparkley home!

Last Updated: 2017-06-28


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