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Welcome to my own little corner of the Internet. I post articles that are of interest to me, or that I hope will help others in some way. If you have some interesting topics you would like me to write about, please let me know!

Thai Spicy Seafodd Noodles

10 Dec

Ways to Get Back on Track

By Mark Clulow | In Personal / Health

Feeling the stress? Struggling? Here are some ideas to get back to 'you'.

Thai Spicy Seafodd Noodles

08 Dec

Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

By Mark Clulow | In Food / Travel

We showcase 10 of the best 'Bib Gourmand' nominated restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fighter Jet over snowy mountains

07 Dec

10 Biggest Factors Related to UT NDT

By Mark Clulow | In Work / Technology

Material properties, transducer selection, technique and more!

Coder in hoodie

04 Dec

Embracing the Pythonic Paradigm

By Mark Clulow | In Work / Technology

A Veteran Programmer's Journey from PHP/SQL to Python.

UT Glossary Terms

29 Aug

UT Glossary Terms

By Mark Clulow | In Work / Technology

As I improve my own personal knowledge, I review som key glossary terms for the Ultrasonic Testing Industries from ASNT.

Advanced Composite Materials

25 Aug

Advanced Composite Materials

By Mark Clulow | In Work / Technology

Advanced composite materials are a class of engineered materials formed by combining two or more distinct constituent materials to create a synergistic material with superior properties compared to its individual components.

KTV Party!

22 Dec

KTV - Karaoke Party!

By Mark Clulow | In Creative / Music

Karaoke encourages people to share their passion for music. It's good, clean family fun and brings people together in a very special way.

De-Covid Your Life

01 Dec

De-COVID Your Life

By Mark Clulow | In Education / Health

I share some thoughts and resources on the power of Covid-19 and how we must actively remove it from our thoughts, words and actions, in order to loosen its grip on our lives.

09 Oct

"Agree to Disagree" narrated text

By Mark Clulow | In Creative / Video

A friend sent me a lovely passage of text, written by Shivam Pandey. As a gift to say thank you, I narrated the text using my finest 'radio voice' and animated the piece with images and music.

12 Jul

My Perfect Day

By Mark Clulow | In Personal / Health

Taking the guidance of leaders in excellence, I craft my perfect day, using the Pomodoro technique (1 hour blocks) to ensure that my mind, body and sould are all getting enough love for me to live my best life.


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